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The future of work: what prospects for the next 5 years?

30 May 2022 09h45 to 10h45 Agora Agora Conferences

With all the societal evolutions & a destabilizing pandemic, the world of work is more than ever facing necessary transitions. Business agility has become an essential issue in order to cope with changes in internal operations. More flexible and reactive, companies have had to adapt by putting people at the heart of their concerns and by disrupting working time and space. How to reconcile the company's performance with these new work modes? How to make your company agile, adapted and inclusive? What levers can be used to support teams in this transformation? How do these changes fit into the HR policy to recruit new talents, retain them and develop diversity? What about digital transformation? 

Conference Moderator:

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President – ARSEG

Vice-President – ANDRH ET DRH AFNOR

New ways of working, new expectations in terms of Hygiene & Cleanliness: Overview of solutions in 2022

31 May 2022 11h00 to 12h00 Agora Agora Conferences

Telecommuting, flex-office, coworking. The digitization of work, which has been going on for several decades, has just been accelerated by the health crisis. In this context, what are the new expectations of employees in terms of cleanliness? How can cleaning companies adapt to these new challenges? 
Onet presents the post COVID results of the survey, conducted with IPSOS, on the importance of cleanliness for French employees in their workplaces. 
Discover the solutions proposed by Onet to support new working methods and ensure the well-being of your employees: CleanConnect, Biogistic, daytime work, self-cleaning kits...


Founder of - Expert in digital transition of companies – WWW.ZEVILLAGE.NET

Marketing and Communication Director – GROUPE ONET

Stéphane DUPONT

Bernard LACORE
Chief Operating Officer Expertise – ONET PROPRETÉ ET SERVICES

Crossed views - Loyalty and attractiveness: how to respond to HR issues?

31 May 2022 14h30 to 15h30 Agora Agora Conferences

In this environment of tension in the job market, companies are having difficulty attracting and retaining their talent. Two complementary points of view to give a clear vision and development axes to guide the strategy of companies and respond to current issues: Is corporate culture synonymous with employee commitment? How to gain the trust of the best profiles? How to attract and recruit them? How to motivate them over the long term? How to improve well-being within the company?

Conference Moderator:

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Former Honorary President and former VP of the EESC – CFE-CGC

Michael MASSET
Director of Human Resources – TOLUNA CORPORATE

Frédéric SERRES
Member of the Board of Directors of the Compagnie des DRH and Director – BRAS DROIT DES DIRIGEANTS

The future of work? What is the positive that comes from change?

1 June 2022 11h00 to 12h00 Agora Agora Conferences

How can we be positive in the face of all the changes linked to the pandemic and the evolution of companies? Through this conference, Gael Chatelain-Berry's objective is to give you a boost and to give you a reading grid of the period that will allow you to better live the sometimes radical transformations that are being experienced. From telecommuting to managing emotions and (re)becoming optimistic, this conference acts as a real booster.


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